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Because of its distinctive cities, fascinating history, and magnificent landscapes, Bolivia is becoming ever more popular being a tourist destination. La Paz, as an example, will be the highest capital city on the globe. The nearby Lake Titicaca will be the highest navigable lake on the globe. To the south, the Uyuni salt flats will make you believe that you are well on another planet. Sucre and Cochabama will seduce you using their great climate and laidback charm. And to complete the look, Bolivia is made up of diverse and compelling landscapes, including river, forests, pampas, yungas, and mountains.

Wildlife Tour Is Possible throughout India: From deserted Rajasthan to high hills of Himalaya as well as the lush green mid-plains to tropical Western Ghats. India has several wildlife sanctuaries & bird parks, that are abundant with flora & fauna. With several travel agencies offering wildlife packages, from basic vacation to … Read the rest